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The Science-Art Centre’s seashell discovery was reprinted in 1995 by the world’s largest technological research institute, IEEE in Washington as an important mathematical optics

discovery from the 20th Century Literature and was placed alongside such names as Louis Pasteur and Francis Crick (Illert, C. 1987). The mathematics used was derived from ancient Greek infinite fractal logic (Grujic, P. 2001). If tribal science’s quantum mechanical mathematics was used to generate futuristic seashell simulations then only deformed images were obtainable, (Illert, C. 1992) giving substance to Szent-Györgyi’s classification of modern scientific mathematics as being innately carcinogenic.

Francis Crick

Modern day scientists must now fully understand that Plato’s ethical spiritual mathematics, previously invisible, has been made visible and now belongs to the evolution of human stereoscopic vision. By viewing the flat plane surface of many giclee painting reproductions through patented asymmetrical electromagnetic viewing glass, some rare interlocking 3D flat plane images embrace movement echoing the cerebral flat plane movement associated with