The magazine MAQ September 2018 MAQ Magazine November 2018 - Page 86

The Science-Art Research Centre of Australia is familiar with modern Robotic Science-Art. It strives to balance this amazing discipline with rigorous biological artistic creativity, for the future benefit of the global human condition. For example, its Director of Computational

Creativity, the Science-Artist Robert Todonai in April, 2018 was placed among the top ten within the International Robot Art Competition, held in the USA (, 2018 ). He

was placed ahead of the highly recommended team from the University of Sydney. Todonai is also conversant with its biological counterpart discipline. During his Artist-in residency at that University in 1986 ( Fraser, I. 2006) he worked alongside a cancer research team using a 19th Century research methodology belonging to the molecular biologist Louis Pasteur. Pasteur observed how the environmental asymmetrical electromagnetic field affected the geometrical dots of life that he observed forming under his microscope.