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As a result of this confrontation a consortium of hostile scientists demanded that a recent eminent scientific journal be located supporting my article which was based upon the

argument that prevailing physics has been incorrectly based upon unethical artistic symmetry. The international journal of science, Nature, provided that support with its paper,

‘How the belief in beauty has triggered a crisis in physics’ (Ananthaswamy. A.-June 2018). ‘This paper parses Sabine Hossenfelder’s analysis of why physics is at a dead-end’. The paper refers to a physicist describing the ugliness of physics being further contaminated with an unnatural

disposition to develop supersymmetry to keep the illusion alive that symmetry is supremely beautiful. In conclusion, the paper argues that “we are losing our way in a mathematical jungle, however beautiful”. Scientific American also published this criticism of modern science

‘How Physics Lost Its Way - Physicist Sabine Hossenfelder claims desire for beauty and other subjective biases have led physicists astray' (Hogan, J. 2018).

Physicist Sabine Hossenfelder