The magazine MAQ September 2018 MAQ Magazine November 2018 - Page 80

But there there they are, those yellows and greens that are coming through with very influential 3D presence.

What I do notice, as an artist and a dedicated picture watcher on Facebook as well as the real world, is very quietly, how many of these extremely interesting paintings with their natural 3D attributes are in fact in varietys of not “just greens”... but mixtures of green and yellow.

Yes of course greens do lead to blues and yellows to the reds, but in this middleground of stereoscopic colours, so many times, there are occasional paintings from by various artists show this attribute of skilful design and use of colour, there also plays the variations of toned yellows and greens, pulling their stunt. Frequently.

Image on the right:

I have raided Rogers paintings again

for these turtles to show you,

without using 3D glasses,

a quiet study here of his

“Two Young Turtles and Spirit on the Reef”

which are seen here suspended, drifting in warm water.

But also consider the dots caged under the white lines

…..carefully….the glasses when you use them

will not improve matters, which can happen.

And this is one of the aspects

of what I call natural 3D,

for want of a better word.