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Trends and creativity

in the modern art market

Quantum Art

as an artistic awareness of the present

The modern art market is currently mainly a trend to the artist's self-expression through abstraction. These are paintings that represent not specific objects, but the mood of the artist. The combination of shapes and colors should, according to the authors, cause certain thoughts, feelings and emotions in the public. The abstraction that depicts flowers can simply be a chaotic blend of dissimilar spots.

It is this captivating combination of colors, the intense brightness of the palette of colors that should convey the emotional impression of the artist. Abstract artists write creations without any connection with reality. Therefore, abstraction is believed to be a personal genre of individual perception.

The process of decoding the job information code is practically independent of his efforts. Everything that the viewer finds in an abstract image it is not so much in the presentation, but in its own head.