The magazine MAQ September 2018 MAQ Magazine November 2018 - Page 78

I also notice that sometimes these paintings are quiet coloured, sometimes not, but many times testing with the 3D chromatic glasses makes no improvement, no matter the expectation.

But there it is, a wonderful presence in its good line work, top draftmanship, and well understood colours in their lights darks, subtle and bold tones - and with its fully manipulated viewer, told what to see.

If you look at stereoscopic colours with the glasses here, you will see particularly the yellows (of the warm colours that jump forward with reds) and the greens, the cool colours that generally recede with the blues.

But some DONT. Some greens don’t behave, and I suspect red pigments of being in them to darken them and so bringing them sometimes dramatically and unexpectedly forward. Plus other colours that don’t behave. And insist on sitting flat. Things are very asymmetrical here, and you will puddle up a lot of paint getting things to do what you want.