The magazine MAQ September 2018 MAQ Magazine November 2018 - Page 76

Yes, I DO see stereoscopic colours - sometimes - without the stereoscopic 3D glasses, but of intense interest to also discuss here is what I call natural 3D, in paintings by others. … and it is visible without the use of 3D chromatic glasses, which do not always make a further improvement to the already apparent depth of these works.

It has caught my eye all my life, the wonderful depth and placement that is a special ability of some artists…I call it depth of field for want of a better name. The artists doing this may not always be fully aware, fully conscious about it either…although of course some very clearly are. And yes we see this in the perspective, dramatic placement, and expert composition used by the masters we admire so much over the centuries. But this would be unlikely in open terms with stereoscopic colour, although aerial perspective and colourations were and are indeed understood, and used, with far more skills than exist in my amoury.