The magazine MAQ September 2018 MAQ Magazine November 2018 - Page 72



By Madeleine Cobb

Very much a part of the All Australian Toolbox, I include my painting that earlier this year was a winner, as was the Short Story that accompanied it, in the international Quantum Art Movement Competition of 2018.

This stereoscopic painting is entirely my own work of discovering and exploring the private sequence I thought might exist more than I could see in the paintings I had been showed using 3G glasses for viewing. The more I experimented, the more it became apparent, this distancing and placing of the colours themselves, and their order of a depth of field which was variable … was really there. Yes, it was capricious, but understanding does grow.

Image on the right:

“The Signs of Our Times - Quantum Biology’s Child Breaks Forth and Leaps to the Truth of the Infinite Universe” by Madeleine Cobb.