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LET'S GET THIS STRAIGHT ONCE AND FOR ALL !!!! Dots were introduced to Aboriginals in Alice Springs in the 1970's when a white guy told them maybe they should fill their painting up with dots as he could not sell them as they are. I run a program called Art From The Heart through out Australia, Cambodia, Solomon Islands and England. Primarily it is using sticks and creating objects with dots. I say what colours to use on the outside of an object most of the time so that the object will come out 3D. Then the person creating the object fills it in with whatever colours they like, hence Art From the Heart. Now if that person sold that creation and stated it was Aboriginal Art it would be WRONG. E.G the piece below, can be painted by a Black or a White person....So if dotting a creation makes You Chill Out DO IT ...…

Example of dot painting, as explained by Roger Saunders