The magazine MAQ September 2018 MAQ Magazine November 2018 - Page 52

Roger Saunders’

“Spirit Trails of the Reef” manifests this convergence. When viewed through stereoscopic glasses, the painting reveals a magical image of the Dreamtime depicted through the Spirit representations

of coral and sea creatures.

The viewing places the observer in an astronautical position experiencing the Dreamtime before First Light

in the vast dimensions of the dark abyss manifesting into the blue light through the creation of the Dreaming. Moving forward through the Dreaming,

the viewer witnesses the concentric circular creations

of new life.

As the viewer tracks the path

of the Golden Mean, the tracks

of the Dreamtime spirits become visible seemingly

in the past but merging through the colours

of time and space to meet the present.

There is no beginning nor is there an end.

The infinite fractal asymmetrical logic

of the Lore verified in this stereoscopic,

evolutionary painting holds the message

of survival of all life, that is,

life relies on the implementation

of asymmetrical principles

which embody Original Lore

of Infinite fractal logic.