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MAQ/November 2018 / 07


After the special October issue, dedicated to our events, from 2010 to around 2018, here's another special number, dedicated to international cooperation between QAGI and subsequently MAQ and Science-Art Research Center of Australia. Our two structures of quantum art and science have been collaborating since 2010 and it seems right to dedicate this issue of the magazine to artists, Australian scientists and to the artist, aboriginal master, Roer Saunders.

It is a great honor for me to publish ten unpublished articles of scientists and very important Australian, American and Argentinean artists, such as Professor Robert Pope, Robert Todonai, Walter Geerz, Katherine Doyle, Chris Degenhardt, Roger Saunders and Madeleine Cobb. The latter artist, as Marketing Manager for the dissemination of the magazine, He did an excellent job of coordination between myself and all the artists and scientists.

All the best thanks to Madeleine!

In order of reading I want to remember an important article by Natalia Morozova, Vice President MAQ that takes into consideration the MAQ philosophy and his artists, and compares them with the masters of art and with the art market.

I have inserted a new column dedicated to the news in the world of science, as in this last month there have been many events of extraordinary scientific significance.

A new column written by Professor Salvatore Paolo Garufi Tanteri, new effective MAQ member, who with his vision as writer and critic, brings us to know the artists of the MAQ group, through innovative connections with the world of culture as a whole.

The other articles are a constant of the magazine, all very interesting and very timely, like the article by Lorenzo Mignani that you can read in the "Medicine" category, the articles by Rosario Cali RO CA on "Astronomy" and "One Color a Month", the "Photographic tricks" of Ahmed Ghwiba, the excursion into the art world in the "It's Interesting" column by Elena Sokolova, the "Quantum Poetry" edited by Massimo Pregnolato and Elisabetta Denti which sees entry into this column, the artist and poet Laura Dorado, new effective member of the MAQ. I would also like to mention my two articles: in the "Astrophysics" section I describe the enterprise of the Japanese space probe "Hayabusa 2" with all the updates published until now and, finally, the article on "Graphene", under the heading "Nanotechnologies".

Enjoy the reading!

Roberto Denti - MAQ President