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The Dreamtime refers to the Time before the First Light created in the universe which was photographed and recorded as asymmetrical by the European Space Agency’s Planck Observatory in 2013 (NASA. 2013).

In other words, the Dreamtime is the ‘time’ before the point of creation. The Dreaming refers to the ongoing creation process. In other words, the Dreaming is the language of bringing in to being. This language of infinity is made visible through the imagery depicted in Australian Originals’ paintings, such as those of Roger Saunders, especially when viewed through stereoscopic lenses which permit the viewer to perceive the three-dimensionality of the paintings.

Salvador Dalì whose artistic pursuits centred around the context of mathematics and optics (Ruiz, 2010) was gripped by the concept of an infinite universe. Well-versed in Platonic spiritual geometry, he became convinced of the possibility of visible three-dimensional stereoscopic messages of infinity could be perceived from a flat-plane surface of a painting (see Pope, Leggett, and Doyle, current issue). There is an evident consensus between Dali’s mathematical-artistic concept and that of Plato’s intuited geometrical knowledge embracing an infinite fractal universe, later developed by Immanuel Kant as an ethical, asymmetrical, electromagnetic field evolution within the creative artistic mind (ibid).