The magazine MAQ September 2018 MAQ Magazine November 2018 - Page 362

Poets describe their world in many diffeerent ways

and use a language sometimes difficult to understand.

The Quantum poet is sensitive to any change in his environment

and strive for answers to the problems of this world.

The Poet is one with the Universe ,

atracted to the invisible and always question his life.

Elisabetta Denti

Poetry is a global truth, in the sense that it is conceived as a whole,

which encodes information from all possible parallel universes.

And it is an inner quantum truth, as it is available only

from “inside” a closed quantum system.

Finally, the Truth-Observable is subject to a poetical interpretation,

as poetry can be considered under both constructive and platonic aspects,

is intuited as a whole, and has the power to evocate

all possibilities and expectations,

like all the possible alternatives in quantum mechanics.

Massimo Pregnolato