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It started from the European space base of Kourou in French Guiana, the BepiColombo mission, with the aim of exploration and the study of the planet Mercury. The take-off occurred at 3:45 am Italian time aboard the carrier Ariane V for the V245 mission. The BepiColombo mission takes its name from the mathematician, physicist, astronomer and engineer from Padua, Giuseppe Colombo. The mission is the collaboration between the European Space Agency (ESA) and the Japanese Space Agency (Jaxa), but with European leadership. The program consists of two complementary probes that will fly together with the aim of unveiling the deepest secrets of Mercury,

the planet closest to the Sun and among the least explored in the Solar System. After Mariner 10 and Messenger (both NASA missions), you must Europe and Japan take the big step towards the so-called "planet of extremes".



Image on the left: Frances H. Arnold, George P. Smith e Sir Gregory P. Winter

20/10/2018 BepiColombo is flying towards Mercury


19/10/2018 How is BepiColombo made? Interview with Johannes Benkhoff


Johannes Benkhoff, the scientific director of the mission, explains with the help of a model, how the two probes and the transfer form are made, which together constitute the European and Japanese mission BepiColombo towards Mercury.

19/10/2018 The experiment by Alice of CERN reconstructed the properties of plasma at the time of the Big Bang Bang

Through collisions between ions of xenon, produced at Cern with Lhc and analyzed with the experiment Alice, it was possible to reconstruct fundamental properties of the plasma of quarks and gluons that constituted the matter of the universe at the time of the Big Bang.

Thanks to the new experiments, the chances of obtaining further information on the primordial soup are therefore considerably improved. The team plans to collide other nuclear systems through significant developments in the new Lhc beams.