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The two MINERVA-II1 rovers (Rover-1A, 1B) are hexagonal in shape with a diameter of 18cm, height of 7cm and weight of about 1.1 kg each. The pair were developed at the JAXA Institute of Space and Astronautical Sciences in collaboration with the following manufacturers, universities and organizations:

< Collaborating manufacturers, universities, organizations and related institutes>

Aichi University of Technology, University of Aizu, Addnics corp, Antenna Giken Co., Ltd, ELNA, CesiaTechno, University of Tokyo, Tokyo Denki University, Digital Spice Corp, Nittoh Inc., Maxon Japan, DLR, ZARM.

The small rovers, MINERVA-II1. Rover-1A is on the left and Rover-1B is on the right. Behind the rovers is the cover in which they are stored. Image credit: JAXA.

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