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MAQ/November 2018 / 07

Figure 1: Touchdown candidate sites L08, L07 and M04 (left). The red circle is the region named L08-B.

This image was captured from an altitude of about 3km.

Figure 2 (a) - (b): L08-B (area enclosed within the red circle) and its peripheral area imaged from an altitude of about 1.9km.

Figure 3: Trajectory during the descent operations. TD1-R1 descended over the equator, the MINERVA-II1 operation approached the mid-latitudes in the northern hemisphere and the MASCOT operation was down towards the mid-latitudes in the southern hemisphere. It was confirmed that over the whole range of Hayabusa2 between latitudes ±30°, a location precision of about 10m at an altitude of 50m is possible.