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The last phases of the space mission

30 October 2018

Small Monitor Camera captures ‘cool’ images!

"During the operation for Touchdown 1 Rehearsal 3 (TD1-R3), we attempted to capture images using CAM-H (small monitor camera) as the spacecraft approached the surface of Ryugu. CAM-H was manufactured and installed on Hayabusa2 by donations received from the general public and it is attached near the lower edge of the side of the spacecraft. The camera can photograph the tip of the sampler horn, but it can also capture the surrounding area and background. Figure 1 shows the images taken with CAM-H during TD1-R3.."


Images on the right, taken with the small monitor camera (CAM-H) during the Touchdown 1 Rehearsal 3 operation (TD1-R3).

One image was captured every second from immediately after

the spacecraft began to ascend (altitude 21m)

on October 25, 2018 at 11:47 JST.

The spacecraft was rising at about 52cm/s.

(Image credit: JAXA)