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MAQ/November 2018 / 07

The world of the psyche is an impalpable universe, but present in the effects on our behavior and on it indulges the Natalia Morozova attention. With her - but, perhaps, with art in general - Parmenides and Heraclitus begin, scientifically, to get along:

The good poet eats all science

and throw it out like wires

of thesilkworm producing its silk.

A voracious animal,

with its thin sailing ships of music, it surprises

every knowledge and immediately makes it

a new gash to go out

like a Ulysses, towards infinity

wandering restlessly, kidnapped

from the mystery of the heart and of the fury.

Morozova spreads a patient

weaving of events, which finds again

God and the I in painting. His proof

it's all in color. Quietly.