The magazine MAQ September 2018 MAQ Magazine November 2018 - Page 236

The continuous decomposing and reassembling, almost a divine breath, is under our eyes - the cells, the macrocosm -.

What escapes us is the law that governs it.

Other possibilities for decompositions / recompositions bloom without respite. The Higgs boson must work ... maybe.

"Six-dimensional space"

Natalia Morozova

oil on canvas

"Fractal lace"

Thus, we arrive at the complex and harmonic paintings of the Russian artist Natalia Morozova - in the bodies, in the masses, in the chromies, in the spaces, in the indeterminations that introduce further outcomes, in surprising perspectives -.

She is really a true scientist and artist, renewing the restless curiosity of the Renaissance, brings us back to the biblical unity of the principle, far beyond the already investigated definitions.