The magazine MAQ September 2018 MAQ Magazine November 2018 - Page 232

Massimo Pregnolato "The door" mixed technique 70x50 2010

At this point, it is clear that from the theories studied by Pregnolato, unexpectedly, a real artistic poetics does appear. The painter, the writer, the theatrician, the musician take on the unprecedented task of carrying forward - by intuition, but with rigorous consistency - the reasearch into the nano-networks that run human feelings and actions.

You enter, in other words, in the famous labyrinth of Borges, perhaps starting from the most familiar forms, to break them down and reassemble them by clarifying, as far as possible, their internal links and what made them what they are.

Naturally, I am still at the beginning of the adventure, with a state of mind that reminds me to Ulysses, when he wanted to go beyond the columns of Hercules.

Exactly how, millennia later, Lucio Fontana made a cut and peered behind the canvas.