The magazine MAQ September 2018 MAQ Magazine November 2018 - Page 224

The quantum reduction of Roberto Denti, therefore, it is the beginning of a combinatorial game that becomes a glimpse on the beyond, or, even better, a study on the possibility.

The Universe is infinite possibility, it is an eternal being in itinere. The Artist, like a poor God, decomposes and recomposes.

And he will never miss the job.

On balance, it is as if Denti wants to find a way and a better world ... to live for and where to live.

Sayng that, to our author remains the great merit of having found in the past the building blocks for the future.

Historical identities, therefore, no longer announcers of aggressive nationalism, they have become stages of the variegated human civilization.

Stages not to be denied, but to be used like the shoulders of a giant on which to stand to look further afield.

Roberto Denti, Work of the series "Studies and experiments" 1972-1974

title "Burns", 35 mm film burned, 1974