The magazine MAQ September 2018 MAQ Magazine November 2018 - Page 222

His work is is a real Babel Tower - another title of Jorge Luis Borges -, where the visual substance does not live in the artifact, but in the multiplication of the point of view that that artifact implies.

The images of Roberto Denti reproduce well-established symbologies - the Eiffel Tower, the Cross, artistic masterpieces ... - and place them in disturbing juxtapositions, or, in any case, drifting compared to the common feeling.

In short, it is our position with respect to the object that establishes its value. Thus, given the infinite possibility we have for positioning ourselves - above all in a mental space -, the history of art and science becomes a fraternally infinite path.

Video, Title "Ferrara in Quantum Spaces", 2015

Image on the lower right: painting by Roberto Denti, "Dali in Milan" 2007