The magazine MAQ September 2018 MAQ Magazine November 2018 - Page 220

It was my Pauline fulmination on the road to the Damascus of art. In Damascus the figurative antiquities persist in a lush Eden of undergrowth. There are expressionists, cubists, futurists, abstractionists, conceptualists and various installers ... without talking about graffiti writers and comics designers - and all, of course, politically correct -.

The specific art, however, as Lucio Fontana intuited, resides in the "gap". From there you can look at the raw forms - the quantum - that are behind the opacity of the senses perceptions.

Roberto Denti, elaboration in computer graphics of the entanglement series. title: "Moscow, GUM stores" 2018.

Explanation: the image is the artistic representation of the fields of information and their passage from Einstein space-time, to the entanglement which can be considered as the Einsteinian space-time tending to zero. Einstein space-time is depicted in the central image.