The magazine MAQ September 2018 MAQ Magazine November 2018 - Page 219

MAQ/November 2018 / 07

You come back every night ...

and the rainbow come back with you

as the splendid effusions,

when being together was true love and rhyme

and every moment was

full of hopes and kisses.

Now the memories are alone, on the top

of that nothing we called eternity ...

Memories! ... Raptors

birds in the rain of my days,

in the storms of old age,

in the wind that goes away, without returns.

Only you come back, tired,

every evening, always ... In the white canvas

patiently and inexorably waiting for me

it remains the adorable

and silly reasoning on the future

of the two of us, like a fleeting

sob in the dark ...

Before it cuts, shining, the blade ...

and look beyond the canvas of life.