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MAQ/November 2018 / 07

Having observed this Vedic art phenomenon, I believe that the research work of Diego Rapoport and Jean-Claude Pérez may embrace electromagnetic analytical methodology to

create geometrical simulations linking the artistic evolution of stereoscopic vision to a physics functioning in a manner relevant to the development of Emerson’s ethical human survival technology.”

In conclusion it should be noted that the ‘Antidote for Human Survival’ asymmetrical electromagnetic’ theories have been supported by the World Fund for Arts since 2016, the world’s first organization to initiate research dedicated to the scientific betterment of the global human condition.

The relevant Science-Art discoveries are a result of joint research by the Science-Art Research Centre of Australia, the International Quantum Art Movement and the Medicinal Department of Pavia University, Italy. It is now seen to be important that further research should comply with Article 1 and Article 2 Section 2 of 1978 UNESCO Proclamation outlined within this paper.