The magazine MAQ September 2018 MAQ Magazine November 2018 - Page 204

“While this information links asymmetric relativity to mechanical physics its extension into complex fields of electromagnetic knowledge is of global paramount importance. In April 2018 the Australian Science-Art Centre’s Director of Robotic Art, Robert Todonai, was placed into the top ten of an international USA Robotic Art competition (Robotart Contest

2018). In 1986 Todonai was included in Robert Pope’s Artist-in-residency cancer research program at the University of Sydney, which was using Pasteur’s living electromagnetic

geometrical research methodology" (Fraser. I. S. 2006).

In 1989 Todonai was the author of Pope’s mathematical lectures to postgraduate students at Macquarie University in Sydney,

during Pope’s Artist-in-residency as the recipient of the 1989 Dorothy Knox Fellowship for Distinguished Persons. (Pottinger. P. 1989)

“The fact that Todonai’s pragmatic expertise in Robotic Art, acknowledged by the Australian Financial Review, together with its emotional biological counterpart, echoes aspects of Degendardt’s discovery of the human life-force, is important.