The magazine MAQ September 2018 MAQ Magazine November 2018 - Page 202

The life-force governing seashell evolution does not obey the ‘tribal’ death cult philosophy that all life in the universe must be destroyed by order of the extinction law of thermodynamics, the dogma worshipping symmetry and ultimate chaos.

The seashell asymmetrical living geometry has now been shown to apply itself to safeguarding the evolution of the human species. Proof exists showing that Plato’s ethical, spiritual, artistic, mathematical, electromagnetic information is now visible within the functioning of entropic physics. This must become common medical knowledge as the human species needs to stop harming itself. Opportunity must be provided for the human survival mathematics to be used to generate survival blueprint simulations allowing technology to advance 3D understanding to gain access to its residency within a 4D universe.

The functioning of gravitational physics laws depicting the above relativity statement has been assessed by the hydraulics engineer, Franz Jacobsen, who is familiar with the research of the Science-Art Research Centre of Australia. His following comments are relevant to the antidote considerations within this paper.