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In the 28th Query of Isaac Newton’s Optics ( Newton. I. 4th ed; 1730) he wrote heralding ancient Greek science for authorizing his view, that the mass of objects in space was certainly not the first cause of gravitational force. Millions of school children have been taught the farcical story that a apple falling onto Newton’s head inspired his theory of gravity. Many grew up and became scientists perpetrating that false assumption into the billion-dollar race to create global chaos. And I quote Newton’s words “And for rejecting such a medium, we have the authority of those the oldest and most celebrated philosophers of ancient Greece and Phoenicia, who made a vacuum and atoms and the gravity of atoms the first principles of their philosophy, tacitly attributing gravity to some other cause than dense matter. Later philosophers banish the consideration of such a cause... feigning [instead] hypotheses for explaining all things mechanically [But] the main business of natural philosophy is to argue from phenomena without feigning hypotheses, and to deduce causes from effects, till we come to the very first cause, which certainly is not mechanical” (Brown. K. 2017). Lifeless symmetrical quantum mechanics was, quite simply, based upon false assumptions that Newton had a mechanistic clockwork view, leaving spiritual values to the fanatical domain of the Christian Church’s hierarchy.

Planck mission explores the history of the universe

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