The magazine MAQ September 2018 MAQ Magazine November 2018 - Page 200

Removing the plunger I observed that the asymmetrical pattern of the suds upon reaching the plughole became symmetrical in accordance with the laws of fluid dynamics. This brought to mind a possible relationship to ideas associated with the functioning of black holes. This related to speculation that this Science-Art information may well extend the discovery of Plato’s invisible infinite, spiritual, geometrical property. That property resides in the plane geometrical mathematics that NASA has published as extending to infinity under the influence of an electromagnetic reality, in contradiction to prevailing entropic science.

Einstein’s relativity theory about the role an observer plays in the structure of universal reality, was an incorrect symmetrical explanation as demonstrated by the Planck Space

Observatory in 2013, which found that the first light in the universe was asymmetrical, rather than symmetrical as Einstein had assumed. My observer participation linking to asymmetrical universal physics laws would appear to be a more coherent concept of ‘relativity’. Szent-Györgyi’s classification of ‘tribal’ science as being controlled in “a high state of schizophrenia” appears to be inflicting itself upon the medical employment system. ‘Tribal’ scientists are dependent upon maintaining compliance to the schizophrenic peer review system outlined in his ‘Letter to Science’. However, large research organizations now seem to be becoming more open to Science-Art logic as the existing pandemic of dysfunctional information can be seen to be accelerating global chaos. In order to highlight the instability of this dysfunctional information phenomenon and promote my contradictory stand opposing Einstein’s understanding of relativity, the following factual and thought provoking evidence is presented.