The magazine MAQ September 2018 MAQ Magazine November 2018 - Page 199

The 20th Century discovery of the life-force governing the evolution of seashells was internationally acclaimed because it was verified by the geometry recorded in the world’s

seashell fossil record. Although the life-force was assumed to include humanity, the crucial geometrical proof was not available for linking human evolution to the geometrical

functioning of physical reality. Eminent physicists refused to challenge Einstein’s symmetrical worldview. In my search to obtain visual geometrical evidence to overcome this impasse I finally managed to obtain the crucial geometrical data needed to extend the seashell life-force discovery to include the human species.

As a science-artist I made a conscious decision to create soapsuds whilst standing in my shower. I took a photo of the suds being slowly drawn to the plughole. I observed that no two soapsuds patterns were the same, indicating the potential for an infinite number of patterns.

My second observation was that all these patterns were asymmetrical. I then placed a plumber’s plunger over the plughole slowing down the flow, intuitively sensing that the

resulting information was an integral aspect of Science-Art technology.

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