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The Centre’s Platonic mathematics, in collaboration with the President of the Institute of Basic Research in the USA, was transposed into a physics format.

It was noted in the Hadronic Journal Supplent that prevailing mechanistic quantum geometry could only generate distorted, carcinogenic futuristic seashell simulations (Illert. C. 1992). Prevailing scientific mathematical understanding then appeared to be contaminated with a form of a diseased logic.

In his ‘Letter to Science’ Szent-Györgyi in 1972 wrote that modern ‘tribal’ science’s peer review system was inefficient because it has completely isolated itself from intuitive Science-Art reasoning. He concluded with “The problem is a most important one, especially now, as science grapples with one of nature's mysteries, cancer, which may demand entirely new approaches” (Szent-Györgyi, A., 1972).

From that perspective the antidote to solve that problem was considered to be associated with the discovery that Plato’s spiritual mathematics belonged to the evolution of stereoscopic vision, beyond the confines of obsolete ‘tribal’ medical science.

Albert Szent-Györgyi

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