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Unfortunately, the understanding of the asymmetrical electromagnetic reality of living systems had been extinguished by the super-rich developers of the mechanistic electrification of the USA, who saw electricity only as a vast moneymaking concept, later used by the military to enhance warlike aspirations.

Levinas agreed with Kant’s idea of an evolving ethical, artistic, asymmetrical,electromagnetic field and considered that it belonged to a supreme first-cause power of asymmetrical wisdom. Today, this idea equates to an asymmetrical first principle governing all the dynamics of a Godlike, infinite, futuristic reality, rather than Einstein’s symmetrical first-cause principle demanding the extinction of all life in a finite universe. Levinas’ overriding spiritual conviction is outlined in the book ‘Kantian Imperatives and Phenomenology’s Original Forces’ (Wheeler, C. R., 2008) where he points out “Thus infinity is the proper dimension of ethics for Levinas, as it makes genuine [evolutionary] transcendence possible”. He stated that “With the infinity of alterity comes the asymmetrical relation of self...”. This mathematical spiritual assertion about Plato’s ethical mathematics remained controversial as it replaced the worship of thousands of warlike gods that have existed since Neolithic times. Modern ‘tribal’ science has no idea whatsoever of the crucial significance of existing visual evidence revealing the artistic, spiritual (electromagnetic) ethics within Plato’s flat plain geometry and its association with electromagnetic harmonic vibrations.

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