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He argued that symmetrical principles “serve as the guiding principle in the search of further unification and progress” (Gross, D. J., 1996)”.

The new medical solution or antidote presented herein obeys asymmetrical electromagnetic first-cause biological logic, demonstrated to exist during the 18th and 19th Centuries. Following that era the electrification of technology changed to become an instrument of nationalistic, plutocratic games of power and wealth, now understood to be in contempt of the 1978 UNESCO Racial Proclamation.

The Science-Art induced collapse of Einstein’s symmetrically balanced beautiful universe

was referred to by the international journal of science, Nature. The paper refers to a physicist describing the ugliness of physics being further contaminated with an unnatural disposition to develop supersymmetry to keep alive the illusion that symmetry is supremely beautiful. It argued that “we are losing our way in a mathematical jungle, however

beautiful” (Ananthaswamy. A. June 2018).

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