The magazine MAQ September 2018 MAQ Magazine November 2018 - Page 188

This nature of the ancient Geek medical antidote was proposed by the Nobel Laureate in Medicine, Szent-Györgyi, the co-founder of the American National Foundation for Cancer

Research, in which the process of infinitely evolving consciousness occurs via healthy information interacting with the universal energies to counteract the degradation of order, so as to sustain evolution rather than Einstein’s entropic extinction.

It appears that once again major powers are mobilizing for global war. It is imperative that the benefits of the antidote and the means of its life-saving administration for all participants, be understood and developed. Szent-Györgyi wrote that modern science existed under a state of high schizophrenia (Szent-Györgyi, A., 1970), a disease inherited from our Neolithic ancestors who were forced to continually fight for survival. The natural conflict between delusional religious fanaticism and innate feelings of human compassion can be considered the cause of social mental disorder.

Both ‘tribal’ science and human survival science are aspects of human evolution. Therefore, they can quickly be entangled within a computer program, governed by antidote information in order to generate human species blueprint simulations. The magnitude of the potential benefit of the new asymmetrical technology is already overwhelming many scientists poised at the brink of its comprehension. Warlike leaders, given the opportunity to peruse human survival computer blueprint simulations, would immediately realize the incredible potential of this new technology and could then negotiate between themselves accordingly. Without these blueprint simulations, meaningful dialogue between heroic, battle-hardened, do-or-die military commanders, committed to no-nonsense military solutions, is impossible.

Image on the right: Painting by Chris Degenhardt, title "Dawn Hunt"