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Movies fare little better. Sunspring was a 2016 collaboration between movie director Oscar Sharp and creative technologist Ross Goodwin. They fed dozens of sci-fi scripts into a neural network they named Jetson to generate a screenplay for the 48- hour movie challenge at a 2016 London film festival.

The nine-minute result was gibberish, including lines like "You should see the boys and shut up – I was going to be 100 years old". But its three actors interpreted the dialogue as if it made sense, finding a love triangle not obvious in the script and resulting in something with emotional depth, if not meaning.

The same AI, which declared "My name is Benjamin" during an audience Q&A in 2016 – Sharp has referred to himself as one of its "parents/trainers/terrified supplicants" – graduated to directing for 2018's weird Zone Out, another entry in the

48-hour film competition. Benjamin used thousands of hours of public domain movie footage and transposed the Sunspring actors' faces on the