The magazine MAQ September 2018 MAQ Magazine November 2018 - Page 172

Robert Todonai argues AI art has links to conceptual art and Sol LeWitt's argument that "the idea becomes the machine that creates the art". And AI artists are generating novel work using neural networks – based on the brain's architecture – which sample huge collections of existing art.

Sol LeWitt, pioneer of the idea as an art machine.

Acclaimed London auction house Christie's is listing a print, Portrait of Edmond Belamy, with an estimate of $7000- to $10,000 in its Prints and Multiples sale on October 23-25, created by a program written by the French art collective Obvious, of Hugo Caselles-Dupre, Pierre Fautrel and Gauthier Vernier.

Their six-month project used what's called a generative adversarial network (GAN), which was exposed to 15,000 portraits painted between the 14th and 20th centuries.