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Sophisticated as artists

"I'm convinced that human artists are more like AI than most people want to believe," says Robotart's Andrew Conru. "Human artists spend most of their time solving problems, using a set of skills and reproducible techniques which are similar to an

algorithm. Each human artist explores different techniques which we read as their unique style. Similarly, every AI has its own 'style' as their algorithms are different."

Robert Todonai’s robot painting a bowl of apples

He's seen entries become steadily more sophisticated as artists better understand the technical challenges. "We have to come up with a new list of words for art now that AI is getting involved. What is great art anyway? When is AI the tool and when is it the artist? If beautiful new images and paintings can be generated by the press of a button, is it art? We are entering the golden age of AI when the human can still be the maestro in the creation of AI art. For how much longer, I can't say."