The magazine MAQ September 2018 MAQ Magazine November 2018 - Page 166

Dennis del Favero, chair professor of digital innovation at Sydney's UNSW Art and Design, thinks AI could be as powerful a paradigm shift in art as the introduction of perspective by Renaissance artists. AIs can already generate art that people can't tell apart from that of humans. The first human-AI musical album was set for release this month [Sept]. There is an AI scriptwriter-director, and there are AI novelists. After beating humans at board games, is art the next domino to fall to artificial intelligence?

The Sydney Mechanics' School of Arts.

Established in 1833 the Sydney Mechanics’ School of Arts is a forebear of UNSW Art & Design

UNSW Art & Design

Paddington Campus during the launch celebration following a $60m investment in new and re-developed facilities in September 2014. Image by Hamish Ta-me.