The magazine MAQ September 2018 MAQ Magazine November 2018 - Page 159

Professor Robert Pope, Director of the Science Art Research Centre of Australia,

has this to say:

The Argentinian Science-Artist Tania Rapoport’s painting ‘The Infinity Image’ depicts the recent factual scientific grasp of Plato’s stereoscopic electromagnetic infinite spiritual reality.

Both the Mobius Strip and the Klien Bottle are geometrical expressions of the functioning of single flat plane geometry functioning within an infinite living electromagnetic universal reality.

They both have planar surfaces depicting the mathematics associated with 3D reality.

This knowledge conforms to Kant’s ethical asymmetric field evolving within the creative artistic mind.

Infinite spiritual reality is no longer tied to tribal science’s warring gods harming a single human species but honours the human intuition of an ethical future expressing itself through asymmetrical ‘Godlike First Cause’ principles.