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MAQ/November 2018 / 07

From Oleo and Marmol Magazine:

No 93 Dec 2010

"Already last year upon exhibition at the AlbaCaución Gallery, she impacted with the big frames and the energizing glimmers of light which her paintings exuded. Nowadays, her brushes transit metaphysical universal territories…with the added human dimension, of fully illuminated couples, which rest floating on time as positive matter. In this “Blue Being” exposition, and in the work that we reproduced, “Impulse”, she indicates to us the other face of the reality of selfhood: They are her existential doubts, as we lived intellectually hanging from a thread, in an uncertain world. Technically speaking, Tania Rapoport, shows in her oils two tendencies, united between informalism and expressionism, to tells us –both sensorially and philosophically- the deep contradictions between shades and lights which are the very character of the self of our time.”

Yaco Nowens.

Plastic Artist and Editor of the magazine Oleo y Marmol International.