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Wiener equated this asymmetrical logic with what he called ‘The Progress of Physics’ rather than its symmetrical entropic extinction within Einsteins erroneous symmetrical worldview. Scientists now realize that time can flow both forward and backward and that information supports Wiener’s conviction that 3D vision is a prelude to an incredible technology allowing human access to interacting with the 4D time reality. Dali’s discovery related to Plato’s spiritual plane geometry existing within evolving stereoscopic vision, as a medical responsibility, should not be treated with scientific indifference.

In conclusion the artistic scientific principles outlined in this paper need to conform to the 1978 UNESCO Declaration on Race and Racial Prejudice proclaiming that all humans belong to one species (UNESCO 1978). Although not a binding treaty its principles have become part of the international law of human rights, in which Article 2, Section 2, holds that any science hindering the development of humanity is unjustifiable.

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