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Obviously asymmetrical first cause principles are essential for any future form of humane government. Eventually, government allying itself with asymmetrical first cause principles, protecting the evolutionary progress of the human species, must become at one with the functioning of Plato’s infinite ethical living universe. That purpose cannot be negotiated within what the Nobel Laureate, Szent-Gyorgyi described in his 1972 ‘Letter to Science’ by any science governed by a peer review system ignoring heartfelt artistic intuition. In particular he concluded that such a science prevented finding a cure for cancer (Szent-Gyorgyi A. 2 June 1972). However, this problem can be solved by entangling prevailing symmetrical science with a human asymmetrical survival science within a computer program in order to generate Plato and Kant’s future ethical technology simulations because both sciences belonged to the human evolutionary process.

Salvador Dalì, Study-for-sentimental-colloquy", 1944