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MAQ/November 2018 / 07

Plato’s Cave imagines prisoners who exist in a cave facing a blank wall. Behind them is a fire.

The fire’s light projects shadows onto the blank wall, shadows of objects which pass between the prisoners and the fire behind them. The shadows of the objects are as close as the prisoners ever get to the reality of the objects, and so to them the shadows are reality.

Dali’s highly sexual intuition about the nature of infinity is obvious from his surrealistic use of human body parts, in particular his well known repeated 3D ‘moustache infinity symbolism’. His contempt of Descartes’ famous title as the ‘Father of Modern Medical Philosophy’ being awarded to an advocate of sexless medicinal mechanistic science is now of historical importance. The book ‘Descartes’ Error’ written by the world renowned neurologist, Antonio Damasio was highly acclaimed by the Nobel Laureate David Hubel for revealing Descartes as displaying an unfeeling, psychopathic disposition (Damasio. A. R. 1994) now influencing the global, for-profit medical industry.