The magazine MAQ September 2018 MAQ Magazine November 2018 - Page 146

Walter Geerz

Salvador Dali’s Discovery of

Ethical Political Science

As an artist I have long been inspired by the work of Salvador Dali and his Science-Art exploration into the realm of science.

This research began well before his later flamboyant artistic eccentricities hid its important futuristic civic significance. Many people are unaware of the depth of Dali’s artistic exploration into science and its crucial relationship to future global well-being.

This observation is consistent with the paper from the Science in Society Archive ‘Salvador Dali, Paranoia and Dissolution of Time’ (Ries. M. 8 October 2008).

Dali’s emotional obsession with infinity was derived from Plato’s reference to an infinite ethical mathematical intuition hidden innate within plane geometry functioning in association with his harmonic wisdom discipline. Dali became convinced that this intuition was represented by an invisible 3D message laying dormant within the plane geometry of the flat surface of a painting. I realized that from Plato’s linking of ethical wisdom to the magnetic functioning of the mineral lodestone, he was referring to some evolutionary electromagnetic artistic occurrence.