The magazine MAQ September 2018 MAQ Magazine November 2018 - Page 132

The mass manufacture of symmetrical electromagnetic communication and information devices are associated with the pandemic of global disinformation that is now creating global havoc. Argument also exists that these devices are transmitting frequencies that are interfering with the naturally occurring Schumann electromagnetic frequencies to instigate future brain cancers or creating free radicals causing other cancers.

It is not reasonable to argue that electromagnetic mind control devices do not exist as weapons or consumer promotional instruments. Australian governmental revenue is obtained from electromagnetic gambling devices emitting electromagnetic wave fronts that induce heroin-like

illusory emotional servitude that have led to states of bankruptcy. Parents are becoming fearful that their children are becoming addicted to other aspects of electronic devices. The so-called father of modern philosophy, Descartes has been criticized by world renowned neurological scientists as exhibiting a psychopathic worldview for influencing medical science to interact with a lifeless mechanistic tribal science. If we do not learn how to effectively object to this unethical mind control, this very harmful situation will continue to escalate.