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The article records that Todonai became an artist in 1983 and came up with his robotic art idea in 2008. However, there is another aspect to Todonai’s work that few people are aware of. In 1986 he was a participant with the Director of the Science-Art Centre, Robert Pope during their Artist-inresidency at the University of Sydney to work alongside a cancer research team at the University’s Queen Elizabeth II Medical Centre replicating aspects of Pasteur’s cancer research methodology. Pope was awarded the Dorothy Knox Award for Distinguished Persons in 1989 and Todonai

accompanied him to deliver joint lectures on ancient Greek mathematics to postgraduate students at Macquarie University in NSW as recorded by journalist Paul Pottinger in his Sydney Northern Herald article entitled “Australian Artists Update a Science of the Ancient Greeks” (Pottinger. P.

1989). His expertise in the field of modern robotic art technology is now coupled with its balancing biological counterpart outlined within this paper.

Robert Pope

Robert Todonai