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Following the Science-Art Centre’s seashell life-force discovery, its research methodology’s objective was to find an antidote to cancer. Its Director of Robotic Art Technology, Robert Todonai, researching computer creativity used computer algorithms in his research and has invented a

painting robot echoing traditional art creation techniques, to paint oil and acrylic paintings. In October 2018 the Australian Financial Review published a double page feature celebrating Todonai’s award for being included in the top ten finalists in the 2018 International Robotic Art

Competition, founded in 2016 by US mechanical engineer Andrew Conru (White. M. October 5, 2018). Todonai’s $400 robot, which he built himself was written up as “noisily squeaking and whirring away as it dabbed at the canvas”, while its maker worked away in another part of The Castle he personally helped to build overlooking the beautiful Tweed Valley of Northern NSW, during his spare time.

Robert Todonai and his painting robot