The magazine MAQ September 2018 MAQ Magazine November 2018 - Page 128

The Science-Art philosopher, Emmanuel Levinas, agreed with Kant on his ethical, artistic, electromagnetic field concept but he argued about a technological difference. This is explained by Randolph Wheeler in his book ‘Kantian Imperatives and Phenomenology’s Original Forces’, “Thus

infinity is the proper dimension of ethics for Levinas, as it makes genuine [evolutionary] transcendence possible”. “With the infinity of alterity comes the asymmetrical relation of self...” (Wheeler, C. R., 2008). Levinas’ alterity was pointing out that Kant’s ethical, artistic, creative, asymmetrical, electromagnetic field was being generated by a godlike first-cause law governing all the dynamics of reality.

Presently populaces are incited by economic trickery through non-stop bombardment of persuasive yet unjustifiable incitements. These incitements have become a pandemic of symmetrical, dysfunctional information by the mass production of electromagnetic information and

communication devices that serve the interests of greedy and destructive powerful complexes.

Carcinogenic mathematics associated with electromagnetic sonic and visual imagery are used by a variety of carefully orchestrated mind control entrapments. Blatant sexual titillation, conflicting religious persuasions, sporting euphoria, consumer demands, meaningless higher educational rhetoric, and immature heroic celebrity imagery are being used in the process of maintaining moral and financial bankruptcies. From the viewpoint of ancient Greek