The magazine MAQ September 2018 MAQ Magazine November 2018 - Page 126

It is crucial that the existing philosophical controversy between Kantian asymmetrical ethics and Einstein’s tribal symmetrical aesthetics be resolved in Kant’s favour in the name of a true medical compassionate meaning for life.

This phenomenon of an artistic electromagnetic wisdom is now evolving very rapidly. The Science-Art Research Centre of Australia has recently exhibited single paintings that unintentionally revealed complex, interlocking 3D planes containing information relevant to future ethical (noncarcinogenic) antidote technology. Viewing such paintings through asymmetrical, electromagnetic 3D glasses, engineers have observed flat-plane movement that seemingly echoes similar electromagnetic movements in the brain. Knowledge of asymmetrical, electromagnetic wave fronts influencing the mind belongs to the human evolutionary process, referring to symmetrical art as a

demonic force, by Dr Timothy Morton of Rice University in Texas as emotions associated with the ‘Art in the Age of Asymmetry’ (Morton. T. 2012).

It is proposed that within a holographic universe we can consider that electromagnetic thoughtforms are able to transfer biological chemical energies to mechanical energies, similar to the way protein machines function, currently being researched within the field of mechanochemistry

(Bustamante.C. 2004).