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universe, rather than become extinct as had other species found within the fossil record. It replaced the ancient gods,

supposedly responsible for ensuring the evolution of human intelligence by way of continual conflict. Einstein’s now obsolete death cult worldview has served its purpose admirably, as science has progressed to demonstrating that humanity is quite able to destroy civilization and that what

matters now is how can humanity use its innate intelligence to ensure instead its ongoing evolution.

In his book The Crazy Ape, Szent-Györgyi argued “the more he [humankind] progresses technologically, seems the more to regress psychologically and socially, until he resembles his

primate ancestors in a state of high schizophrenia” and “most of scientific research that is done to elevate human life serves in the end to destroy it” (Szent-Györgyi, A., 1970). It is not difficult to explain that the pharmaceutical financial, industrial, military complex upholding Western medical

tribal science, whilst extremely scientific, is now controlled by an overwhelming and irresponsible nationalistic profit-making sentiment. Plato warned against citizens becoming enslaved within such a consumer society (Browning. B. 2013). Szent-Györgyi, by adding to his assertion that tribal

science is preventing the discovery of an antidote to cancer, also indicated that it exists in a state of schizophrenia. This inferred that civilization is being influenced by a globally dysfunctional medical philosophy, and that observation was later validated by two world renowned neurophysiologists, Antonio Damasio and David Hubel.